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Feather Step Dance Club

Kelsey Hall IfoldKelsey Hall Ifold

The plan is to run a Ballroom Latin Dance Practice session – an ideal opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt at classes, try out dance choreographies for competitions or to show and share with others figures and dance steps. You can even simply come to chat to others about dancing.

Starting January 21st 2024 •  Then Every 3rd Sunday of the month • 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Kelsey Hall Ifold£5 per person per class

Kelsey Hall Ifold

Kelsey Hall

**!! PLEASE NOTE !! : Stiletto heels or any shoes that might damage the floor cannot be worn **

As you may know, some people have special shoe wear dedicated for ballroom, and different shoes for Latin so there will be structuring to the order of tunes generally in the following way, from slowest dance to fastest. The music will run through the following sequence through ballroom first, then Latin, and cycle until end of the session. There is no break, and you’re welcome to bring your own drinks.

Ballroom – Waltz 2 tunes; Foxtrot 2 tunes; Tango 2 tunes; Quickstep 2 tunes; Jive 2 tunes

Latin – Rumba 2 tunes; Cha cha cha 2 tunes; Samba 2 tunes

These following dances are available on request, just mention at the door – Argentine Tango; Salsa; Bachata; Viennese waltz; Paso doble

Also being considered is a regular Social Tea Dance (also to be held at the hall) .

For further information see the website link above.
To ask questions see the email link above.