27th August 2016

Conditions of Hire

Kelsey Hall IfoldFor all  enquiries please contact us at info@kelseyhall.org.uk. When booking the hall please be assured that the KHMC Privacy Policy will cover the information which you supply on the form.

To open a printable version of the Conditions of Hire please click here (a .pdf file will open in a new window)

The hirer must be over 21 years old and be present during the entire period of hire.

The hirer or a responsible person delegated by the hirer should be the named Safety Officer for the duration of hire and their name put on the board in the main hall.

The Safety Officer must ensure that:-
they know the location of all fire exits and routes and are kept clear at all times
they know the location and are familiar with fire fighting equipment
they know the procedures for calling the emergency services and evacuation of the premises to the assembly point. Fire notices are displayed in the premises.

The hirer during the period of hire takes full responsibility for:-
the safety and reasonable behaviour of all persons on the premise
complying with Licensing regulations
care and safety of the premises and contents
payment of deposit to cover the cost of rectifying negligent damage to the premises/contents, work involved in extra cleaning or restoring contents
leaving the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition, properly locked and secured including turning off lights
returning all contents temporarily removed to their appropriate storage area.

The premises may not be used for any purpose, including sub-letting, other than that described in the hiring agreement.

As part of fire precautions the use of naked flames on the premises is prohibited. The exception to this is small candles in fire proof enclosed or semi-enclosed containers. Fire works and other pyrotechnics are also prohibited.

Blu-tac, sellotape or similar adhesives should not be used on the walls. No drawing pins other than used to put notices on the notice boards. There are hooks on the walls, ceiling and at the end of the curtain rails in the large hall to hang decorations.

The period of hire should allow for setting and clearing up.

The committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel a booking.

In any event beyond the control of the committee, in which the premises are rendered unfit for the purpose it has been hired, the committee shall not be liable to the hirer for any resulting loss or damage.



The hirer should be familiar with all instruction and advice notices displayed on the premises including the Licensing Regulations displayed on the lobby notice board.

Activities in the hall are governed by the Premise Licence issued under the Licensing Act 2005.

The regulations include:-

The requirement for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) for the sale of alcohol or extending licensing hours (times of licensed activities are on the licence) . There is an annual limit to the number of TENs that can be issued to the hall.  The booking secretary must know if a TEN has been applied for. The hirer of the hall must ensure that a copy of the TEN is prominently displayed in the hall for the duration of the event. The Bookings Secretary will check that the TEN has been issued.

If a TEN is required the form can be obtained by telephoning Chichester District Council-01243 785166 or down loading from www.chichester.gov.uk.

The minimum period of notification is 10 working days before the event.

A restriction on the number of people allowed on the premises at any one time i.e.

  • Large hall – 200 seated eg for a talk or100 seated at tables
  • Small hall – 40 seated or 20 seated at tables

Electricity tokens will be required for additional heating/use of power points. These are available from the booking secretary. Returned tokens will be refunded.

The P.A. system is available to all hall users but it MUST be pre-booked.
Please indicate on the Booking Form if you wish to use it.
Arrangements will be made for the user to receive a short tutorial on its set-up, use and storage.
Please note that the following conditions apply:
1. The user should be the person who will be operating the system during the period of hire.
2. The user must ensure that the system is not tampered with during the period of hire.
3. The user will be responsible for ensuring the equipment is left in the same conditions as at the start of their session with all accessories returned to the cabinet and ensure that the cabinet is locked at the end of their session. The key to the cabinet must be returned to the Bookings Secretary.
4. The user must immediately report any fault in or malfunction with the system.

Please do not adjust the controls on the storage heaters.

All waste must be disposed of in accordance with instructions displayed in kitchen.

A Health & Safety Policy is in the kitchen and any accident needs to be reported following the instructions in the H&S policy

Please remember that the hall is in a residential area so when using or leaving the premises have consideration for the residents.

If there any queries regarding any part of the booking form, conditions of hire or advice please contact us by email: info@kelseyhall.org.uk

Kelsey Hall Ifold                                                                                               KHMC  Terms & Conditions of Hire –  Revised November 2017